A world-renowned investigator in the fields of immunology and rheumatology and a professor of medicine in the Department of Medicine, Dr. Glimcher's research is distinguished by its innovative biochemical and genetic approaches. She and her team had achieved landmark advancements regarding the molecular pathways that regulate CD4 T helper cell development and activation, which opened the door to further elucidating the complex regulatory pathways that govern T helper cell responses: These pathways are critical to the development of protective immunity and the pathophysiologic immune responses underlying autoimmune diseases. Her team identified a transcription factor XBP1 that is critical in the ER stress response in multiple organs and secretory cells. In the area of skeletal biology, she and her team discovered a novel protein called Schnurri-3, which controls adult bone formation.

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Dean Glimcher's Lab

1300 York Ave, E-907
NewYork, NY  10065

Phone: 212-746-9661
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